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Factory Unlock Your HTC Amaze 4G and Use Any Sim card Anywhere in the World.


Do you want to unlock your HTC Amaze 4G handset?

All you need is provide us with the unique ‘IMEI’ number and we’ll provide you with the Network unlock code to factory unlock your HTC phone. NO Cable or Software is needed, just insert the network unlock code we provide and unlock your phone permanently.

Key benefits:-

Free your HTC Amaze 4G from carrier restriction permanently and use your phone with any GSM service provider(Sim card) anywhere in the world. Now you can save money on roaming when you need to use your phone abroad as you have the freedom to choose any carriers of your choice in any country you’re travelling to.

IMEI unlocking does not void the warranty of your phone and it an be done from the comfort of your home without sending your phone away or spending $100-$200 in local stores.

Unlock your HTC phone with complete peace of mind, unlike other companies we do not risk the number of tries you get to insert the unlock code. You’ll get the accurate unlock code and be able to unlock in only one (maximum two tries). We also provide a 100% Money back guarantee if your Unlock code is not found in our database.

All you need to do is purchase our service below and send us your 15 digit IMEI number (dial *#06# on your phone to view the IMEI) along with the network and country it is currently locked to, and we will send you the code & instructions to instantly unlock your phone.

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Unlocking HTC Amaze 4G Phone is completely legal and it does not void the warranty of the phone.

Buy your HTC Amaze 4G Network Unlock Code below

Regular Price: $12.75

Sale Price : $10.99